Couples workshop

Photo: 'A Moment Together' by blinkingidiot CC BY-ND 2.0 4626479211_a5db848cce_zGROW YOUR RELATIONSHIP!
A one session workout for couples.

From time to time I arrange a meeting for couples wanting to develop their relationship.

Our relationship with our partner is probably the most important in our lives: The person we spend the most time with and share many of our thoughts, our feelings and our experiences with.

We all find that our closest relationship becomes set in repeating patterns, and often we don’t gain the satisfaction that we want from it.

During this informal and supportive event we will look at what happens between us and find ways to enhance our relationship. An agreement to maintain confidentiality is established at the start.

We learn about:

  • Why drama happens between us, what roles we take, and how to step out of the drama.
  • How to listen and respond to what the other person is really saying to us.
  • The way to enrich our everyday experience together.

What we don’t do:

  • Playing blame games with each other.
  • Talking about private or intimate details that belong elsewhere.
  • Being too serious.

The setting:
A quiet room at the Oxford Street Therapy Centre. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Contact me to find out details about couples workshops.