Ise Brook near Wellingborough in NorthamptonshireWelcome to the Isebrook Therapy website.

Here you can find information on our counselling and psychotherapy service in Wellingborough, Kettering and the Northamptonshire area. You can find out more about individual (one-to-one) sessions, and about our group therapy programme.   The individual or group counselling and psychotherapy that we offer is designed for anyone who wants to take some time to resolve personal problems or issues, and to have the opportunity to bring about changes.

Sometimes it is very hard to admit that our ways of dealing with others or with what is happening to us is making life harder to cope with. It is easy to become isolated with our difficulties and allow ourselves to be cut-off from people who we care about.

Many of us have a sense of putting up a front, of not really being able to be ourselves when we are with others. Our sense of who we are becomes lost or hidden.

But the fact is that there are other choices we can make.

At Isebrook Therapy it is our aim to provide a trusting, confidential and understanding relationship. The relationship is the vehicle which can enable you to face the difficult inner thoughts and feelings you carry around. And the relationship gives security for changing the behaviours that arise from those thoughts and feelings.

If what you see here is of interest to you, then we invite you to contact us. You are welcome to ask questions, or to meet with us for an initial discussion with absolutely no obligation.